We are always in contact with achievers and people with common vision and mandate to prove their careers and experience. Eccles group Management Team is building up with reputable and result oriented individuals of age with experience and character.

Mr. David Ikiriko
Engr. David Ikiriko Founder/CEO
Engr. David Ikiriko is the president and founder of The Eccles Group of Companies, Inc. USA possessing over eight years of research in soybean agriculture.

Engr. Ikiriko is a graduate of Southeastern University with a Master of Science in Management Information Systems, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering technology from Capital Institute of Technology.
His past professional experience includes product design and development of prototype microwave filters. Professional memberships include The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Engineering Technologist Certification Institute, sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers, where he possesses certification as an Associate Engineering Technologist.

Roger Beach
USA Base
Roger Beach is the Secretary/Treasurer of The Eccles Group of Companies, Inc. USA.
Mr. Beach primary responsibilities are to head the US operations of the Company. Prior to joining the Eccles Group of Companies, Inc. USA team, Mr. Beach has had over 24 years of experience in business finance and management of manufacturing operations.

Mr. Beach is one of the founders of Beach Brothers Printing, Inc. and has maintained his position as Secretary/Treasurer with the Company since its inception in 1971.

A Washington area native, a father of four, Mr. Beach is active in the business community, serving as a Trustee for industry Insurance Trusts for over 20 years.

Roger Beach John Brown Korku Kumordzie
Special Assistant

John Brown Korku Kumordzie has been a director and special assistant to the Eccles Group CEO since 1994

He has been committed to the objectives and goals of Eccles Group especially in the Ghana Eccles Project.

John Brown has also in course of time worked with various other companies in Ghana between 1991 to 2014.

EmmanuelNnaji Emmanuel O.
Director Warehouse
Nnaji Emmanuel O. is the Director Warehouse and Wholesales in Eccles Group Ltd.

One of the responsibilities includes building sales force for our products. Establishment of warehouse in major cities for our products in the West African Sub Region.

To inform the sales department of customers need and business as it relates to Eccles activities. As warehouse Director he organizes sales territory in the West African Sub region and advice management on sales promotion e.g. Press advertising, radio and Television, advertising and Handbill.

Engr. T. Micheal
Director IT

Engr. Theophilus Micheal - Director IT

Engr. Theophilus Micheal developed from being a consultant to Eccles into full time director in Eccles. He has been a computer instructor in schools and colleges and have been an entreprenuer all his life. His duties are to design, develope and supervise all IT requirements, operations and security.
He is versed in Software Development, Database Management, IT Security, Networking and Web Technologies.

About Eccles
The Eccles group is a U.S based corporation with an operational headquarters in Nigeria -West Africa.
What we do
  • Turn-key agriculture projects, including integrated..
  • Development and manufacturing of agricultural chemicals,..
  • General marine industry involving the building of outboard
  • Servicing, Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting...
  • Drug and pharmaceutical, sales and manufacturing
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