Agricultural Plan

Nigeria has Comparative Advantage on Sugar

Sugar PlantSugar is one of the crops that Nigeria has comparative advantage. It is said Nigeria can grow sugarcane but is not a sugar producing nation.

Considering the potential Sugarcane sites in the country identified by the National Sugar Development Council (NSDC) as indicated in the table. Nigeria has the potential become a major sugar exporting country next to Brazil if she can develop the sugar Industry.

Nigeria is member of the International sugar Organization whose member countries numbering 92. The nation has the potential to create million jobs if Sugar Production will increase from 0.03 to 1.797 million tons. A total of 28 plants are needed to be developed to take Nigeria to a Sugar Exporting Nation.

The Eccles group and our technical partners can do the following.

  • Land Development
  • Development of Nucleus Farm
  • Out Growers
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Cultivation
  • Harvesting and Transportation
  • Sugar Factory Cogeneration/Export Power
  • Ethanol Distilleries
  • By-product Utilization

By-Product of Sugar


It is a fact that ethanol is a major agent for generating Electricity. The capacity of electricity generation by Sugar ethanol is measured as below:

  1. 20 Million Litres of ethanol generates 50 Megawatt of electricity
  2. 35 Million Litres of ethanol generate 81 Megawatt of electricity.
  3. 77 million Litres of ethanol generates 185 Megawatt of electricity
  4. 33 million Litres of ethanol generates 84 Megawatt of electricity.

Sugar Plant Built by our Technical Partners around the Globe

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