Agricultural Plan

The Palm Oil

The oil Palm is grown on plantations of equatorial tropics of equatorial tropics of Africa (Nigeria inclusive) South East Asia as well as in Central and South America.

Under favourable climatic condition the oil palm gives me the highest yield of all oil bearing plants. Concerning regarding the health and nutritional implication of transfats has mandated the search for healthy material substitutes to replace hydrogenated fasts in most solid fat formulation.

The Nigerian oil Palm Industry has the potential to be developed to a world class palm Industry that is capable of employing tens of thousands of Nigerian and also to generate foreign exchange.

Oil Palm Industries can be successfully developed in all the states in the Niger Delta Region. Formulations based on blends of palm oil with other vegetable oil including soya and canola are increasingly becoming popular and makes a transfer and healthy choice.

Oil Palm can be used to produce oleochemicals products which are preferred over animal fat based products.
Downstream products of the oleochemical industry include soap noodles, metallic soaps, cosmetics, esters, hair-care, skin-care, body care products and industrial detergents. The palm Fruits offers a whole range of products at the various processing stages.

  1. Pressing of the fruit produces crude palm oil. The press cake is separated into fibre and nuts.
  2. The fibres are used as boiler fuel.
  3. The nuts are processed to obtain palm kernels.
  4. The shell from the nuts is burnt in the boiler.
  5. After drying, the kernels are processed to produce palm kernel oil and cake.
  6. The palm kernel cake is used as animal feed.
  7. The empty bunches can be used as boiler fuel after reduction of the moisture content.
  8. Bunch oil can be used for soap manufacturing.

Palm Oil Mill Plant Diagrame:

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