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Nigeria with surface Landmass of about 923,800 square Kilometer is located within the Western coast of Africa slightly North of the equator is a divinely agriculturally blessed Nation.

Nigeria with 84 million hectares of arable land a population of over 165 million people (over 60% of these population are youth, 279 Billion cubic metres of surface water.

A very favourable climatic conditions. The Southern boundary is formed by 800 km of Atlantic coastline. With underground and surface water irrigation for all year round agricultural crops production and Mechanized farming Eccles Group of Companies believe that all the above stated endowment holds the Nation innumerable agricultural and Industrial potential for meeting her youth unemployment needs, Agricultural products for domestic and export needs.

How to unlock these potential is the Vision and the Mission of the Eccles Group.

The above stated Natural endowment and potential cannot be achieved without public and massive private sector investment in Agriculture.

To attract such investment will require and enabling business environment. Basic infrastructure, (Good roads, electricity, water etc, singles digit Interest rate, liberal tax policy, simplified and corrupt-free business procedure and good corporate governance).

The present administration of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) can be said to be the poised to turn the table around to reposition the Agricultural sector for profitability, Job and wealth creation poverty eradication and employment generation. They believe that the present administration, Agriculture Transformation Agenda will unlock the potentials by rising agricultural productively. Processing of agric crops by value addition from Raw materials to consumer sales will make all Nigeria and our Farmers prosperous.

This vision and goals can be achieved with God’s help and His Grace.

About Eccles
The Eccles group is a U.S based corporation with an operational headquarters in Nigeria -West Africa.
What we do
  • Turn-key agriculture projects, including integrated..
  • Development and manufacturing of agricultural chemicals,..
  • General marine industry involving the building of outboard
  • Servicing, Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting...
  • Drug and pharmaceutical, sales and manufacturing
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