Agricultural Plan

MaizeMaize Production:

Maize was introduced into the West African sub region in the 17th Century. Since the introduction it has successfully established itself as a dominant food, grain crop in Nigeria and in many countries in the West Africa sub region.

Maize or Corn can be cultivated in all 36 State of the Federation and in most states in all the Local Government Areas of the State. All the states in the extreme North to the coastal South can grow maize through various varying ecological zones.

Open Pollinated Varieties.

Through the Concentrated effort of the scientist involved in the maize improvement Programme in IITA (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) and cereal Research Institute has developed maize varieties that posses higher grain yield and high level of resistance to major maize viral and fungal diseases.

Some products of Maize and their Industrial Uses.

Coarse grits Breakfast - flakes
Brewing grits Brewing adjunct
House hold grits Milling and distilling Industries
Corn germ Starch, more wheat bread, biscuits.
Brand offal
Animals feed and alcohol product

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