Modern Irrigation System

Building dames for the purpose of irrigating Agricultural crop of any kind is out dated. At best the water from the dam is surface water and may not be enlarged to large heaters of land. The irrigation water must be transported to the field of crops that need to be irrigated.

Dam irrigation will result to the following losses.
  1. Run of losses.
  2. Evaporation losses due to the surface water.
  3. Water logging
  4. Soil degrading
  5. Uneven water distribution due to erratic rainfall
  6. Lower yield
  7. Loses of Production

Irrigation will not be cost effective. Eccles Group irrigation Technical partner to Nigeria and the rest of the Africa the most efficient irrigation system in all of Agriculture.

The linear irrigation system will take water from the water table under the ground to irrigate crops. They system will avoid excess water use by applying precise amounts of water to the various crops at optimum quantities of water is delivered to the crops.

With proper design run-off losses, evaporation losses water logging soil degradation, uneven water distribution due to the erratic rainfall, lower yield and losses of production are nearly eliminated.

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