How to develop and Industrialized the Niger Delta Region.

The Niger Delta Region comprises of

  • Abia
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Bayelsa
  • Cross River
  • Delta
  • Edo
  • Imo
  • Ondo TGX – 48 48
  • Rivers TGX – 4848
9 States: The region is situated in the southern part of Nigeria and bordered to the south by the Atlantic Ocean and to the East by Cameroon who occupies a surface area of about 112, 110 square kilometers.

Primary Agricultural production.

Cassava, Cocoyam, Cereals, Maize, Rice, Cowpeas, Groundnut, Soybeans.

Agriculture a Regional Approach.

The international Food Policy Research Institute thinks a regional approach may work in the Niger Delta Regional generating raw material for food and industrial crops will uniformly with each of the Nine States – two Agric Industries.

Nucleus farms out growers program and regional Agric extension officers trained to serve the region will help to diversify the revenue base of the individual.


Primary Agricultural Production

The potential of the Niger Delta Region in the area of primary agricultural production is immense. It is important to reiterate the fact that just before the oil boom of the 1970s, over 50% of Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings came from primary agricultural production.

Moreover, in the years preceding the glut, Nigerians were not under the threat of starvation due to the gaping food production deficit as they are today.
Suffice it to say that a good percentage of food production that earned good income fro the nation and secured her people from starvation was attributable mostly to rural farmers in the Niger Delta Region, with about 70% of the population involved.

The Niger Delta Region produces a variety of cash crops and food crops. The cash crops are palm fruits, from which palm oil and palm kernels are derived, rubber and cocoa as well as groundnuts and pineapples.

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