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Suite 15, Block I, Powa Plaza,
Abuja/Keffi Express Way Nyanya,
FCT - Abuja.

Telephone: 08033943685,                      08091790430

Email: nigeria@ecclesgroup.us

P.O.Box M143 Accra, Ghana

Telephone: +233-2447-56697

Email: ghana@ecclsgroup.us

1010 Westmore Avenue, Rockviile, Maryland, 20850

Telephone: +301-424-9220

Mobile: +1-301-367-4500

Email: usa@ecclesgroup.us

About Eccles
The Eccles group is a U.S based corporation with an operational headquarters in Nigeria -West Africa.
What we do
  • Turn-key agriculture projects, including integrated..
  • Development and manufacturing of agricultural chemicals,..
  • General marine industry involving the building of outboard
  • Servicing, Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting...
  • Drug and pharmaceutical, sales and manufacturing
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