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The Eccles Group of Companies, Inc. USA was incorporated in 1995 under the State of Maryland. It was incorporated among other things to find solutions to the chronic problem of hunger and starvation ravaging the African continent as represented by the media.

The Eccles Group of United States observed a dangerous trend that highly educated unemployed youths with prolonged hopelessness will compel rebellion and bring about disorder which is a very big threat to our Nigerian infant Democracy. The Subsidiary Eccles Group (Nigeria) Ltd was incorporated on the 13th day of June 2002. R.C: No 453719.

Engr. Ikiriko is the president and founder of The Eccles Group of Companies, Inc. USA possessing over eight years of research in soybean agriculture. During this time, he performed feasibility studies relating to the development of the soybean crop and the agricultural environments of African countries. His emphasis in research related to developing affordable food sources to economically depressed countries of Africa.

The primary goal of his research is to promote economic development, including the education of local farmers in today's agricultural technological advancements.

Eccles Group of Companies, Inc. USA is the maiden company with its subsidiary:-

  • 777 Eccles Divine Partnership Inc.
  • Eccles Continental Enterprises Inc.
  • Eccles Prime Merchandise Limited
  • Eccles Prime Products International Limited
  • Eccles Prime Concerns International Limited
  • Eccles Group Nigeria Limited
  • Eccles Group Ghana Limited

Our official website is www.ecclesgroup.us, presently we operate in USA, Ghana and Nigeria.

Our forign partner Mr. Roger Michael Beach is the Secretary/Treasurer of The Eccles Group of Companies, Inc. USA. Mr. Beach primary responsibilities are to head the US operations of the Company.

Prior to joining the Eccles Group of Companies, Inc. USA team, Mr. Beach has had over 24 years of experience in business finance and management of manufacturing operations.

Mr. Beach is one of the founders of Beach Brothers Printing, Inc. and has maintained his position as Secretary/Treasurer with the Company since its inception in 1971.

About Eccles
The Eccles group is a U.S based corporation with an operational headquarters in Nigeria -West Africa.
What we do
  • Turn-key agriculture projects, including integrated..
  • Development and manufacturing of agricultural chemicals,..
  • General marine industry involving the building of outboard
  • Servicing, Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting...
  • Drug and pharmaceutical, sales and manufacturing
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