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The Eccles Group of Companies, Inc. USA was incorporated in 1995 under the State of Maryland. It was incorporated among other things to find solutions to the chronic problem of hunger and starvation ravaging the African continent as represented by the media.

The Eccles Group of United States observed a dangerous trend that highly educated unemployed youths with prolonged hopelessness will compel rebellion and bring about disorder which is a very big threat to our Nigerian infant Democracy.

The Group has conducted research for over 10 years and all the researches and write-ups are pointing towards Agriculture is the best solution. They also observed that even the most industrialized countries of the world such as United States, Japan, Germany, France and Britain hinges their industrial growth on agricultural development.

Eccles Group (Nig) Ltd was recently incorporated, on the 13th day of June 2002 for the main purpose of implementing this project in Nigeria. Engineer David Ikiriko is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Group and is based in the United State and have thoroughly researched the problem of high unemployment in the continent of Africa and has recommended to the government of Ghana what to do to seek solutions to these problems. The recommendation has been experimented to be successful in the area of poverty eradication and income generation for rural farmers. It is believe that the same approach will work in Nigeria.

Chief M. A. Davies is a Retired Navy Commander and became interested in the project because of the impact the project will have on the national economy and his contact and association with Admiral Murtala Nyako, the chairman AH Farmers Apex Association of Nigeria (ALFAAN). Mr. Wil Van Tries is the Des-met representative in Nigeria that was present in the meeting with the Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development was contacted to secure funds for the Eccles Group.

Eccles Group of United States and its subsidiary in Nigeria read in the Punch Newspaper that Nigeria spends N45 billion on edible oil importation as highlighted by my humble self as Secretary General of Oil Seed Association of Nigeria (OSAN) during the African Groundnut Council (AGC) meeting held in Kano in January, 2002. Also their research for imported vegetable oil reveal that this project is the right way to go for the purpose of import substitution. The regional market for imported vegetable oil is in excess of $2.5 billion. The Group has competent team to carry the project through because they know where the countries in Africa are lacking and they have sought Technical Assistance from companies like John Deere Inc.

About Eccles
The Eccles group is a U.S based corporation with an operational headquarters in Nigeria -West Africa.
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  • Turn-key agriculture projects, including integrated..
  • Development and manufacturing of agricultural chemicals,..
  • General marine industry involving the building of outboard
  • Servicing, Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting...
  • Drug and pharmaceutical, sales and manufacturing
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